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The Young Workers Legal Service is an initiative of SA Unions and provides free work-related advice for workers under the age of 30.

SA Unions Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Network

The network

As part of our objects, SA Unions is committed to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, promoting reconciliation between non Aboriginal and Aboriginal Australians including an understanding of culture. We have made Aboriginal people a priority in our work and over the last 5 years with the following aims:

  • Show respect for Aboriginal people and their culture, law and connection with country.
  • Encourage increased Aboriginal employment and training opportunities.
  • Make better links with the Aboriginal community and their elders.
  • Provide support for Aboriginal issues.
  • Build relationships with people, including the traditional owners on the APY Lands.
  • Develop a network of Aboriginal workers and union members.
  • Assist Aboriginal workers in accessing their rights at work.
  • Increase understanding of union officials and their members of Aboriginal culture.

In that time we have

  • Established an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Union Members Network.
  • Continued to build and maintain good relations with Kaurna and other elders and key community leaders.
    Been actively involved in promoting training and employment for Aboriginal people through the Training Skills
  • Board, Industry Skills Boards and specific industries eg mining and construction.
  • Established and supported a cultural education program for union officials.
  • Visited and built relationships with traditional owners on the APY Lands and and assisted with winter clothing and other general support as needed.
  • Supported a cultural exchange program between dancers from the APY Lands and the Laura Dance Festival in far north Queensland.
  • Been funded by the ACTU to develop and deliver work rights education to workers on the APY, Anangu and -non-Anangu (to be delivered in April 2013).


Income management

SA Unions has recently discussed the issue of income management and have passed the following motion.

SA Unions Executive:

  • notes the imposition of income management by the federal Government in the Playford area of the metropolitan area of Adelaide and also the proposal to introduce this scheme in the APY Lands.
  • confirms our opposition to the Northern Territory intervention, which includes income management and has had serious detrimental effects on the culture and wellbeing of Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory.
  • notes that all communities in the APY Lands have rejected the introduction of compulsory income management at a recent visit by federal government officials despite the claims by Indigenous Affairs Minister, Jenny Macklin that Aboriginal communities called for its introduction.

SA Unions Executive is opposed to compulsory income management in communities in South Australia and directs the Secretary to:

  • Write to and seek a meeting with the state Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and the Minister for Social Inclusion to express our concern and seek support from the state Government.
  • Make contact with the APY Executive and Law and Culture Council to offer support.