The Women in Trade Unions Network (WITUN) is an organisation containing – within a flexible membership structure – a variety of women from different unions and different areas of the workforce.

This year WITUN will be sending a message out to network members every month, so if you have things you want included please email us and we will include them in our regular bulletins.

The email network is for women who are union members, activists or officials including those women who are retired members. If you would like to join the network email us at saunions@saunions.org.au

Work and Life Campaign – The SA Unions A Fair Share of the Future outlines a number of commitments relating to helping workers balance the demands of work and the rest of their lives, to assist people to remain in the workforce and access fair, safe work at decent wages ..>>click here for more information.

Events and Actions

International Women’s Day 2015
Friday 6 March
5.30 pm

More details to follow

Anna Stewart Memorial Program 2015
Week 1: 25-29 May 2015
Week 2: 26-30 October 2015
Contact SA Unions, Helen Adams on 8279 2225 or your union for more information


The Network was formed in 1983 by a group of women involved with two South Australian Institutions – the Working Women’s Centre and the United Trades & Labor Council (SA Unions). Some of the foundation members are Steph Key (now a Member of Parliament), Carolyn Pickles (ex MLC).

The strength of the union movement is based on its collective, democratic organisation and its unity of purpose. While women’s share of union membership is rising, their participation in union affairs is lagging. This reflects women’s major share of child rearing and domestic work and the lack of awareness in many unions of the problems facing women members and ways of involving women.

SA Unions Women’s Standing Committee’s role is to address these issues that women face in the workforce. Unions are committed through the Standing Committee in increasing women’s involvement in the workforce.