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The principles of health and safety is that every worker has the right to a safe and healthy work environment.

SA Unions is committed to ensuring that everyone works in a safe and healthy environment and is dedicated to improving workplace safety.


Unions Call for National “Brodie’s Law” to Protect Workers from Bullying

South Australian unions are calling for tougher laws to be implemented to better protect workers from serious bullying and harassment. The Victorian legislation known as Brodie’s Law needs to be introduced in each State and Territory to protect workers and make serious bullying a criminal offence. [media release … 6/5/15]

International Workers Memorial Day held 28 April of each year

Life Quilt Project

The families of South Australians who have been killed in industrial accidents have supported a project to create a special Life Quit which will tour the State to raise awareness of work safety.

The Life Quilt Project which was launched by the Minister for Industrial Relations, Russell Wortley commemorates the lives of ten people who have tragically died as a result of workplace accidents.

The Quilt, the stories of families and a series of short films will be used to spread awareness of the importance of safe workplaces but also the need for ongoing support for the families …>> read on


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