Key Rooms To Clean When Leaving A Rented Home

When making the choice to leave your rented home, it is important to remember that you put down a bond in the beginning, and if you are not careful, you might not get it back. The one thing to remember, is that there are certain rooms in the house that the owners or real estate agents will be looking at very carefully, so it is important to remember to clean these rooms to perfection.


The kitchen is the most important room in the house to clean because this is where it will probably be the dirtiest. There are the more obvious spots to clear, such as, the floors, the walls, and the countertops and any appliances. But there are also a few hidden spots that you should always remember to clean. The vent about the stove, this is important, because it will most likely be on the ceiling, but when moving out, inspectors will look at how much dust and filth as accumulated in it and either ask for it to be cleaned or take it directly from your bond. Also, make sure to clean in and under the fridge and the oven, as they can get very dirty, very fast.


The bathroom is the second most important room to clean, it comes in second to the dirtiest room in the house that you cans sometimes forget to clean in the crevices. You should clean all the sinks, and make sure to give the bathtub or shower a good scrub. Also, make sure any mirrors that are attached to the walls are cleaned, a cleaned mirror can make the whole room seem clean.


The bedroom should be the easiest one, normally you would just give the floors and walls a good wash, but if you want to get in between the baseboards. Make sure to clean up and around the sides of the ceilings, just in case any cob webs have formed, or any dust has collected.

These are the most important rooms to clean and make sure they look presentable and look like you have done a rough and through clean. The most important part is getting your bond back, but making sure that you are doing what you should and are expected to do while cleaning. Don’t forget, look at your lease, it might have conditions added, such as a carpet cleaning, professional cleaners, etc. to make sure you get back that full bond! If you need help with cleaning out your home, speak to Brisbane’s leading bond cleaners in Domcare Cleaning. With a list of services to cover all your needs, they can help with you with everything from carpet to window cleaning services in Brisbane.

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