How To Maximise Your Skip Bin Space

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when they have to clear out all the rubbish and waste in their home. You could wait until the garbage man comes along, but some items can’t be handled by the council. You are going to need a larger, more expansive bin that is going to help you unload and dispose of all your household waste and rubbish. This is where the skip bin comes into the fold. 

While you might think it is easy just to load it up with rubbish and send it away, it isn’t. You got space to work with, and we are going to show you the best way to maximise. 

Break Down Large Items

Big furniture items are the real killers of space in skip bins. If you just throw them in, they will take up all the room you can imagine. The best way to go about it is to break down the items piece by piece. This will help you cramp all of it in, without taking up too much room. 

Heavier Items At The Bottom

To balance your rubbish and waste easily, look towards placing all your heavy items at the bottom of the skip bin. From there, you can progressively place the lighter waste (such as green waste) on top. This will create an evenly balanced skip bin without the worry of things falling off or over. 

Bag Up Small Items

When it comes to little items, such as green waste, toys, and books, don’t just throw them on top; break them down if you can and put them into bags. This will reduce the space that those little items will take and keep them condensed into one little section. It might seem like more work, but it will pay off in the end.

Beware Of Recyclable Items

Another thing a lot of people do is throw their recyclables materials into the skip bin, without knowing they are taking room for rubbish that can be disposed of elsewhere. If you have the likes of cardboard, paper, glass, and plastic, don’t throw them into your skip bin. They can be disposed of in your regular weekly recycle bins. Don’t waste the space (or the money) of your skip bin on these items

Fill In The Gaps 

When you’re placing your waste into your skip bin, think of it like a jigsaw puzzle: you have to fill in all the spaces. You don’t want to leave gaping holes – stuff your skip bin to the max with as much rubbish as you can. This way, you get your money’s worth with your skip bin hire in Melbourne.

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