Work & Life

SafeWork SA has launched the new Work Life Balance website

Visit the website to find tips on how to approach your employer and choosing the best work life balance arrangement for you. The site has been created to reflect a unique South Australian perspective on Work Life Balance and provides resources and information for employers and employers

The SA Unions A Fair Share of the Future

outlines a number of commitments relating to helping workers balance the demands of work and the rest of their lives, to assist people to remain in the workforce and access fair, safe work at decent wages.

  • Labour and Skills Shortage
  • Participation in the labour market
  • Wages and Pay Equity
  • Work and Life

The South Australian Strategic Plan has a new target T2.12 “Improve the quality of life of all South Australians through the maintenance of a health work life balance”

Unions have campaigned around improving the quality of working lives since the instigation of the eight hour day in Australia from 1856.

8 hours work, 8 hours rest and 8 hours recreation for all was the 1856 claim for Work Life Balance.

The Higgins Harvester Decision in 1907 established a Minimum Wage in Australia that was based on a model of a full time male provider and a full time female carer.

The contemporary workplace and household need new understandings of how work is organised, the length and timing of the working day and a recognition that both men and women are in the workforce and providing care.

SA Unions is working with the South Australian Work Life Balance Strategy to promote initiatives that support WLB

To date the WLB Strategy has addressed a number of union events

  • PSA Women’s Conference 18th February 09 : Keynote
  • AMWU State Council 1st April 09
  • CPSU Meeting 8th April 09
  • Attendance at SA Unions Women’s Standing Committee
  • ASMP Training 26th May 09 [2009 Theme: WLB] Keynote

Contact the Strategy staff on ph 8303 9927 if you want to invite them to address union members or Executive. The SafeWork SA website also lists a number of public events which promote WLB and research related to work organisation and health.

As part of work to improve minimum standards for all workers to access flexible work, the WLB Strategy is promoting:

  • Paid parental leave – including the new Commonwealth funded PPL due to be introduced in January 2011
  • Provisions in the new National Employment Standards including

1) Maximum weekly hours of work

2) Request for flexible working arrangements

3) Parental Leave and related entitlements

4) Annual Leave

5) Personal/Carer’s Leave and Compassionate Leave

6) Community Service Leave

7) Long Service Leave

8) Public Holidays

At the state level, the Strategy is using the Occupational Health Safety and Welfare Act 1986 to develop an Approved Code of Practice on Working Hours.

The Women’s Standing Committee has adopted Work Life Balance as a priority campaign and can provide further information on the WLB Strategy and campaign actions.